It has been over 12 years since a Lincoln Park porch collapsed and killed 13 young people. That seemed to “ignite” inspections for years in the City but these porch and balcony collapse situations seem to still occur all too often.

Today, multiple people fell through a collapsed porch / floor on the West Side.

In 2014, 1,923 porch-related complaints were filed with the Department of Buildings.

Building maintenance, including deck and porches, is the responsibility of the property owner. Signs of porch or deck deterioration include:

  • Evidence of water damage such as split or rotting wood
  • Loose or missing hardware
  • Rusted hardware
  • Loose or missing anchors attaching the porch to the building
  • Loose, missing or damaged support beams and planking
  • Movement of the porch or deck when walked on
  • Unstable or wobbly handrails or guardrails

Porch collapses are still happening, causing serious injury to many people.

You can contact us here 24/7/365 (and we really mean that as we will answer our phone) if you have any questions and to learn how we may be able to help you or your loved one who has been a victim of a porch or balcony collapse –

in particular, you will find that we listen, take your phone calls and e-mails (and even text messages!).

We would be honored to help you with your matters – large or small.

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