Injured in a Side Impact Accident in Chicago?

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More commonly called T-bone collisions, side impact accidents are no new phenomenon on the road. If you or a loved one was involved in such a car accident, it’s an experience you will likely remember for many years. Injuries are common and cars often experience much damage from side impact accidents.

Our firm regularly represents clients dealing with the repercussions of these accidents. From the first phone call to the last, we offer a comprehensive level of legal assistance that you won’t find in many other firms.

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Proving Fault in Your Accident

The first thing that rolls off someone’s lips after an accident is often, “But it wasn’t my fault!” As much as you’re convinced you had nothing to do with the accident, it will take work on your attorney’s behalf to prove this fact to the insurance company.

Understanding the causes of side-impact accidents In Chicago is helpful in proving fault:

  • A driver may have run a red light
  • A driver may have failed to brake in time
  • One car cut illegally in front of another
  • An unlawful left-turn was made

After assessing the circumstances surrounding your accident, Chicago injury attorney Phil Berenz can build a STRONG case to secure fair compensation.

Documenting your injuries, taking photos of the scene, and writing down critical information will all increase your chances of recovering compensation.

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