Client Testimonials

Past Client Amy:

“I have worked with Phil Berenz on cases, and he is always very on top of his files, responsive to client needs, and extremely knowledgable.”



Past Client Susan:

“There are all kinds of reasons why you might need a lawyer at some point(s) in your life. Whatever the reason, what you want is someone that understands you, advises you properly (hey, our emotions can override our intellect), works hard on your behalf and is willing to go the distance.

Phil Berenz is just this kind of lawyer. I had a situation where I needed the assistance of a lawyer and fortunately he was recommended to me. Phil can walk that delicate line of completely understanding –feeling your pain–to giving you the best advice based on his experience. Some lawyers may tell you what you want to hear to run up your fees. Not Phil.

He’s a top-notch negotiator and has the patience to build relationships with the opposing side to gain the best benefit for the client. He is very skillful at understanding the psyche of the other parties.

I could go on and on, but basically what I want to say — if you need a lawyer, call Phil. If he doesn’t have the expertise that you require, he’ll recommend you to someone that does and you can be sure they will be of a high caliber too.”



Past Client Bruce:

“Phil is the best at every thing, more than over a dozen lawyers I’ve worked with. In over 6 years and more than a half dozen cases I have yet to see him “miss a beat”, not break stride, not cover every detail. When he questions he does his homework, and knows where to go. I’ve seen that he is truly available 24/7/365 – (even holidays). Space limits the extent to which I would refer him, as a lawyer, and a good and honest person.”



Past Client Brett:

“We hired Phil about 16 months ago and could not be happier on his knowledge and response times.

He is a great attorney and tells you how it is good or bad and always keeps you informed. I could go on for awhile about him, I will just sum it up that Phil will be our attorney for a long time and we have no need to trust anyone else or go looking for anyone to help us.

I’ve already referred him to a very dear friend of mine as well.

Thanks Phil keep up the great work!”



Past Client Richard Parissenti:

“Phil didn’t know me from Adam, yet because of the situation I was in he took on my case. Had it not been for this man I don’t know if I ever would have come back from the emotional and financial hardships I had to endure due to events I did not create or deserve.

I am not a fan of lawyers, but I am a fan of this man because he really has a conscience and has compassion. He’s the type of man who will only take on cases he truly believes in so he can let loose his passion to win.

In addition, Phil regularly encouraged me and gave me solid advice during my rough period which motivated me to succeed in practice when I had nothing but debt and a used car.

I am now back on track in my career out of debt and am successful again and am grateful that I had Phil in my corner at a pivotal time otherwise I would have quit. Life is fragile make sure you have the right people in your corner.”



Past Client JoJo:

“We highly recommend Phil . In the beginning, I was a bit hesitant in pursuing my case being just an employee up against a company that I had worked for years and knowing it will be a tough fight .

Phil’s honesty ,dedication, and responsiveness made the ordeal bearable . I thank him for settling my case and turning the case to my favor.”



Scott E.:

“ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ATTORNEY IN CHICAGO!! I cannot say enough amazing things about Phil Berenz. He is a friendly, trustworthy and exceptional lawyer who fights hard for his clients rights. I am grateful to have known him and he has helped me through some of the toughest periods of my life. ONE OF THE MOST HONEST AND CARING INDIVIDUALS YOU WILL EVER MEET!”



Jennifer Toms: 

“I would like to start off by saying how accommodating Philip J. Berenz and his team are. All emails, calls and texts were always answered in a timely manner! They are polite and very helpful. There is no greater feeling then knowing your in good hands, and at anytime I had a worry or a question I was always able to get hold of someone or be contacted. Philip J. Berenz truly does go out of his way to get you every penny that he can and always has your best interest at heart!
I highly recommend this Law Office.

Thank you Philip J Berenz and team!”



Tyson Mutrux:

“Philip is a great lawyer and he truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend him.”



John Fisher:

“Phil is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the injured. I have complete confidence in Phil’s abilities and dedication and I highly recommend him for injury victims.”



John G.: 

“Phil is one of the hardest working people I have ever been around. He really cares deeply about his clients from the moment he meets you.

Throughout my case, Phil was always available and answered all my questions promptly, honestly, and knowledgeably.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to go elsewhere for a lawyer. I literally cannot recommend him more highly!”