Premises liability holds property owners and occupiers responsible for injuries that occur on that property. Property owners and occupiers have a basic obligation under the law to keep visitors safe while on their property.

Premises liability cases can occur on private or public property, residential or commercial property, inside or outside of a building. These cases can result from various situations as long as the injury occurs on the property of another.

Some examples are building code violations, dangerous conditions on sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas, falls on slippery floors, hallways, or stairways, fires, swimming pool accidents, and even criminal attacks caused by inadequate security.

The time limit for filing a premises liability case is shorter for accidents that occur on government owned property.

Under the law, there are several factors that determine whether the property owner or occupier is liable for injuries sustained by a visitor to the property.

Factors to consider include:

  • Circumstances under which the injured person entered the property;
  • Use of the property;
  • Foreseeability of the injuries;
  • Efforts of the property owner or occupier to fix any dangerous conditions or warn visitors;
  • Whether the dangerous condition was open and obvious to a reasonable person

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