I am often questioned how the Toyota cases will “end up” in the Court system. No way to tell yet. At least for the class action cases. A recent article by The Wall Street Journal here, said a decision is expected in weeks as to the class action “venue” or where the cases could be consolidated and heard by attorneys vying for the “rights” to lead the charge.

Ben Barnow of Chicago, an attorney I co-counseled with on another class action years ago, was one of those attorneys who spoke before the “panel” in pleading for jurisdiction of the cases. Most notably was a speech given at lunch time in a “prehearing litigation strategy conference” of the 100 or so attorneys vying for the coveted few minutes to speak at the hearing, as the article represented, represented, by a former Michael Jackson defense attorney, Michael Geragos:

‘Everyone in this room is on the precipice of the opportunity to expose the greatest corporate malfeasance,’ said Mr. Geragos. ‘I would hope everyone in this room could coalesce and come together.’

We are filing individual suits in certain circumstances that may never become part of these class actions and are working with numerous individuals who have experienced sudden, unintended acceleration–and are honored to be able to speak for these traumatized (and some injured) individuals. If you believe you have been injured or suffered any property damage as a result of a potential gas pedal sticking, call us at 312.375.6524 to discuss your particular situation 24/7/365 and we’ll determine if we can help.

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