In a breaking news story here on CNN, former in-house Toyota defense attorney, Dimitrios Biller, declares that he has some 6,000 internal Toyota documents that are “very damaging.” According to the CNN article, Biller claims such documents were routinely withheld from Plaintiff’s lawyers in product liability and negligence cases.

Disturbingly, Biller says:

‘There is a regular pattern and practice of not producing memos, minutes, reports, and e-mails,’ [and] ‘These documents can be used to establish liability against Toyota in product liability and negligence cases.’

One of our clients, Willette Green, reported her sudden, unintended acceleration to Toyota (and NHTSA) in the Fall of 2008 and Toyota denied any defect–a case involving the death of a panhandler who was run over when Willette’s Lexus sped out of control. According to the CNN article, Toyota appears to have “Books of Knowledge” or “highly confidential information” related to such issues as sudden, unintended acceleration.

We are working with numerous individuals who have experienced sudden, unintended acceleration–and are honored to be able to speak for these traumatized (and some injured) individuals. If you believe you have been injured or suffered any property damage as a result of a potential gas pedal sticking, call us at 312.375.6524 to discuss your particular situation 24/7/365 and we’ll determine if we can help.

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