It’s no secret by now that the shoddy conditions and lack of resources in nursing homes across the country has activists on both sides of the divide up in arms.

One particularly interesting debate raging in California showcases how frustrations between the two sides may be starting to boil over.

As an article detailed, a “surprise inspection” of a California facility by the state department of justice yielded some particularly disturbing results — one of which prominently described a resident left for a long period of time in a soiled diaper, even after inspectors allegedly notified the facility.

Unfortunate as it may be, stories like this are commonplace. What makes this situation particularly unique is that the nursing home, although under no obligation to do so, saw fit to respond  stating, amongst other things, that the inspectors “did not have a clue what they were looking at.”

At the end of the day, unfortunately, there are no real winners in situations such as these — putting a positive “spin” on reports, findings, etc. doesn’t change the fact that, for whatever reason — neglect, underfunding, understaffing, or anything else imaginable — some of society’s most vulnerable members are put into situations where their dignity is compromised. They deserve better.

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