The Los Angeles Times previously reported an article from the studies of a 2+ year investigation into Southern California nursing homes ordered by the California Attorney General.

Unfortunately, the study found, amongst other things that: “Inspectors discovered cases of bed sores not being treated properly, patients being given the wrong medication or being over-medicated with psychotropic drugs and residents left in feces and urine for hours. Nursing homes were out of compliance with nurse-patient ratios and fraudulently billing for services, according to the reports.”

To those that deal with matters of nursing home abuse and neglect on a daily basis, this is nothing new, sadly, and the problem is widespread on a national level.

What is encouraging about this, though, is that the results were forwarded to the Department of Public Health for investigation — this is the key to focus on, as Illinois would be wise to learn from this approach. As discussed, the Illinois Department of Public Health is constantly hampered in its efforts to investigate nursing homes bylaws and procedures that limit the amount of time it has to issue disciplinary measures to a nursing home after it is found to be in violation.

When this is coupled with the fact that they have to rely on reports filed by either injured patients or their families, IDPH is constantly fighting an uphill battle whenever it goes up against a nursing home — be it time limitations, parties and witnesses unwilling to come forth, or otherwise.

That’s why this approach by the California Attorney General is something that other states like Illinois can, and should, learn from — if you want to get a good glimpse of the ways in which nursing homes are letting their residents down, the best way might just be to commandeer the process and devote the resources necessary. The results might be more alarming than they might think.

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