I resolve a wide range of real estate disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants.

For many years I have addressed cases involving residential real estate; commercial real estate; property tax sales; physical structures, such as a homes, warehouses and storefronts; and plots of land.

The Nature Of Real Estate Disputes

According to the law, when engaging in a real estate transaction, the seller has an obligation to disclose known problems to potential buyers. The seller must also inform on actions taken to remedy the issue. However, disputes often arise over problems that were purposefully not disclosed, as well as unknown problems that the seller may or may not have been legally responsible for knowing about.

Regardless of the specifics of your case, I am prepared to help. Whether you bought a damaged piece of real estate, or if you were wrongfully accused of not disclosing a problem— I will help protect your legal rights.

Contact Me Today For Help

Buying a new home or commercial building can quickly turn from a dream into a nightmare when you discover a significant problem with the property. Likewise, as a seller, being accused of fraud when the new owners claim you did not disclose a known issue can be extremely stressful.

When these serious allegations arise, contact me for a free consultation to discuss your options. I will be glad to help.

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