Phil Fights For You

Trusted Local Attorney With Years Of Extensive
Experience Getting Clients The Results They Need

Injured? Accident? Don’t stand alone!


Attorney Phil Berenz is dedicated to helping injured victims obtain the best possible financial recovery. We practice vigorously to pursue claims on behalf of  individuals that have been injured by the negligent and wrongful conduct of others.

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Our Services

If you are seriously hurt due to the wrongdoing of another, you need someone to advise you, represent you and fight for you. Attorney Phil Berenz works with clients every day who have been injured through no fault of their own. We understand how stressful these situations can be and how difficult it is to deal with them. Phil will fight for you!

Our Results

Winning is never easy, but with us, it's always worth it, and
we’re proud of our results. Helping victims get
the financial compensation they need, and rightfully deserve,
is our ONLY job, and our TOP priority.

Settlement Calculator

Many people wonder what to expect when they hire a personal injury lawyer. Will they get the money they deserve? Is the settlement offer any good? How much should the insurance companies be paying?

Personal Injury Blog

In our blog, we share cutting edge news and vital
information with consumers and victims seeking
to learn about legal events and information dealing
with various personal injury law subjects throughout
Chicago and the entire State Of Illinois.

Business Litigation

We know that all litigation comes with inherent risk
and that our clients’ future often hinges on a case's outcome.
That's why we partner with you to understand immediate and
long-term business needs, then craft a combined litigation
and business strategy designed to meet your
company's best interests.