Winter has fallen on Chicago and it is time to once again remind ourselves that winter driving can be dangerous and

scary. Below are some safety tips to help prevent auto accidents and injuries.

Do you know the three P’s of safe winter driving?




Winter in Chicago – Safe Driving Tips



  • Battery – Does the battery have enough power to start your vehicle engine during the cold weather? The only way to know is to test the battery. Most auto parts stores will test your battery for free. Take the time to have your battery tested for peace of mind.
  • Tire tread – Vehicle traction and mobility is reduced when tread depth is insufficient. It is recommended to replace tires when only 5/32” of tread remains.
  • Windshield wipers – Better Wipers = Better Visibility. Wiper blades made specifically for winter conditions are encased in a protective rubber shell that prevents ice and snow from building up on the wipers.
  • Windows – Keep the windows clear. Remove snow from ALL windows, side mirrors, headlights, taillights and turn signals. Use the smooth side of an ice scraper to remove frost (a credit card or CD can be used if no scraper is available). The ridged side of the scraper should be used to remove ice.
  • Washer reservoir – Washer fluid can freeze and burst hoses. Use only winter blends of washer solvent to keep the washer fluid from freezing. Do not add antifreeze to your washer fluid. Antifreeze can damage the paint on your vehicle.
  • Antifreeze – If your vehicle’s antifreeze is not at the proper level, water can freeze your engine and cause serious damage. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water will prevent freezing. Pressure testing will expose any minor leaks before the leak gets worse. Antifreeze testers are available are most auto parts stores to test the mixture and most repair shops charge a small fee to test the pressure (some shops may test the pressure for free).

Emergency Items


Jumper cables

Abrasive material (sand, kitty litter, floor mats – to help with traction)


Snow brush

Ice scraper

Warning devices (flares)





Cell phone

Cell phone charger

Plan Your Route

Allow plenty of time (leave early if necessary)

Check the weather

Communicate your route and arrival time to others (this will help others locate you if you have an emergency)

Practice Cold Weather Driving

Find an empty lot and practice handling your car on ice or snow

Remember to steer INTO a skid

STOMP on anti-lock brakes

PUMP on non-anti-lock brakes

Allow greater stopping distance in ice and snow

Don’t leave the windows up if you are idling for a long time


Winter in Chicago – Safe Driving Tips


Use seat-belts and child safety seats

Make sure child safety seats are properly installed

Never place a rear-facing infant in front of an air bag

Seat children under 12 in the back seat of the vehicle


Never drink and drive

Never use drugs or certain medications while driving.

Slow down

Increase car distance

Watch for pedestrians

Never drive drowsy

Designate a sober driver if you plan to drink

Chicago is considered high risk for auto accident fatalities caused by icy roads. A 10-year average (2002-2012) by the U.S. Department of Transportation yielded the following statistics for winter weather accidents:


Crashes                        211,188

People Injured              58,011

People Killed                     769

Icy Pavement

Crashes                        154,580

People Injured               45,133

People Killed                      580

Snow/Slushy Pavement

Crashes                        175,233

People Injured              43,503

People Killed                     572

Be safe this winter season and remember to enjoy time with family and friends.

Winter in Chicago – Safe Driving Tips

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