If you suspect false billings or fraud against the U.S. or State Government, you may have a “whistleblower” case or “qui tam” lawsuit in which you may be able to share in the recovery of any award private attorneys or the U.S. Department of Justice recover. Take the quiz and contact us for a free, confidential consultation:

  1. Do you know whether the knowledge you have involves cheating of the Federal or State Government or tax code?
  2. Did you learn of the facts / issues from the news, media or on your own or during the course of your employment?
  3. Do you have evidence (for example, financial records, statements, receipts, oral statements noted by witnesses) and do you believe the cheating involved substantial sums of money (over $250,000)?
  4. Did the alleged cheating occur within the past 6 years?

Depending on the specific answers to these questions, you may be able to bring aqui tam action and share in any recovery.  

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