With Halloween night finally here, please take proper safety precautions to avoid an injury.

Always Trick or Treat in Groups

If your child is young, go trick or treating with them. If your child is old enough that you feel comfortable allowing them to trick or treat without an adult, they should go out in a group with similar-aged peers. Make sure at least one of the children in the group has a cell phone so they can call an adult if there is an emergency.

Visibility Should Be a Priority

By the end of October, the days are fairly short. Prepare for evening trick or treating by equipping your child with reflective tape and a flashlight. There are two components to visibility: your child’s visibility to motorists and other pedestrians, and your child’s own visibility of their surroundings. Make sure all masks fit correctly and have eye holes that allow your child to see through clearly.

Discuss Safety Precautions When Out Walking

Talk to your children about crossing the street safely while they are out trick or treating so as to avoid any pedestrian accidents. This includes crossing at the crosswalk, making eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them, and walking, not running, across the street.

Find a Costume that Fits

Help your child find a costume that fits them, rather than one that will drag on the ground and potentially be a tripping or fire hazard. If your child’s costume is too long or baggy, hem or cut the loose parts to make it easier for your child to wear.

Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween night!

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