At least one Court has interpreted the Illinois Sale Representative Act (the “Act”) to hold that solicitation of orders occurring outside the State of Illinois after 1990 is covered by the Act. See Circuit Systems, Inc. v. Mescalero Sales, Inc., 925 F.Supp. 546, 549 (N.D. Ill. 1996). That is, so long as the constitutional minimum contacts test is satisfied, such “foreign” orders shall fall under the protection of the Act. See id.

If you meet the definition of a “sales representative” (as discussed in prior postings–but must be discussed with us for an appropriate legal opinion as to whether you meet such definition) and are due commissions, contact us immediately to determine if we can assist you in collecting any unpaid commissions and enforcing the Act so as to recover any attorneys’ fees and potential punitive damages. Read our newest press release for a general overview of the Act here: or see our prior postings under “Illinois Sales Representative Act” here.

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