One of the main concerns many of our clients have is how they will pay for medical expenses incurred because of an accident.

We are all painfully aware of how expensive medical treatment can be. A quick visit to the emergency room can result in thousands of dollars in bills if not tens of thousands. Ongoing medical treatment is also very costly.

If you have health insurance, try to use it. Health insurance companies might pay your allowed medical bills and make it easier for you to seek ongoing treatment for your injuries. If and when your case settles, the health insurance company may seek reimbursement from your settlement amount for the amounts they paid for medical expenses related to your injuries because of the accident.

Another option is to check your auto insurance policy. You may have what is called “med pay” coverage. This coverage might help pay your medical expenses up to the policy limit. Unfortunately, often times the med pay policy limits are very low, as low as $1,000 on some policies (or none at all). You may want to talk to your insurance agent about adding med pay coverage to your policy if you do not have it or increasing your med pay policy limit if you already have it.

Another option is to ask the doctor or facility providing you with medical treatment for your accident related injuries to “lien” your case. This allows your medical provider the right to be paid (maybe not the entire bill, though, which you are ultimately responsible for) if and when your case settles. Medical providers do not have to accommodate your request. If a medical provider issues a lien on your case, that medical provider is entitled to be paid per lien laws and up to the entire amount of the bill. If your case settles, and the settlement amount is not enough to cover those bills, the medical provider can pursue you in collections for the unpaid balance.

Again, ultimately, any and all medical bills are the client’s responsibility.

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