Taking a personal injury matter where a man, a woman or a child has been injured (slightly or significantly) requires, first and foremost, passion and empathy. If a lawyer cannot truly understand the suffering (again, small or significant) that another human being is enduring, the lawyer cannot demonstrate or exhibit to every person, insurance company and, ultimately, the jury how that suffering has affected a person’s life.

The same holds true when a person or company is cheated out of money. When money owed is not paid. When a person or a company is wrongfully sued and must be zealously defended. Money cheated, money owed and wrongful or frivolous lawsuits cause suffering in a person’s life as well. People can’t sleep at night. People worry. They cannot focus on their jobs, their family, life in general. People lose their homes because bills aren’t getting paid. Credit is ruined. Family arguments erupt.

A person’s life in personal injury situations is even more dramatically affected when even a hurt back or a hurt neck makes it next to impossible to sit at a desk all day long at work or perform manual labor–whichever life calling a person follows. Sometimes “calling off” from the pain results in a lost job and a downward spiral of a lost home, lost relationships, lost life. The things you used to enjoy you can enjoy no longer. It wasn’t your fault.

Your lawyer needs to truly understand all of these aspects of how a personal injury matter or business dispute has affected your life. Aggressive and zealous representation and empathy are an absolute must. An attentive ear–listening to you–is the only way a lawyer can fully comprehend the situation. Phil Berenz listens.

Integrity is doing the “right thing when nobody is looking.” Your lawyer must handle every aspect, everyconversation of your matter with the utmost integrity-when you are not on the phone and when you are not present. Trust must be unequivocally paramount.

And, finally, while a lawyer can never guarantee a particular outcome in any matter, the passion, integrity and trust will usually (not always) end in positive, productive results.

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