The Illinois State Police is instituting a new speed policy that calls for a “four tier response code system” beginning January 1, 2009. Read the facts of the new policy here. After two sisters were killed when an Illinois State Police Trooper’s squad car crossed an I-64 median last November, Illinois State Police felt it was time to institute a policy to prevent future tragedies. Notably, this is only the second state in the nation to implement such speed policies and as the Illinois State Police points out:

The policy will institute a four-tier response code system for officers responding to calls for service. This policy will outline the use of emergency equipment and the speed and manner in which the officer will respond to a call, including supervisory notification when the responding officer intends to exceed the posted speed limit more than 20 mph. Supervisors will also be required to monitor the incident as it evolves and make appropriate changes in their officers’ response code as necessary.

Pursuing another vehicle “at all costs” is simply unacceptable. Hopefully, this policy will prevent future tragedies.

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