Fall can be a beautiful time of year with bright foliage on the trees glistening in the sun. But a sunny day can quickly turn to rain during the fall months. The temperatures can drop and the dark of night creeps upon us earlier in the day.

Rain mixed with falling leaves can cause roads to become slick. The fallen leaves also camouflage potholes or other road hazards and sometimes make it difficult to see traffic lines or pavement markings.  Slow down and be careful.

The cold air of fall can bring morning fog.  Fog can limit your visibility while driving. Never use high beams when driving in fog as this can cause a glare and make visibility worse. Be sure to leave safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Slow down and allow enough commute time.

Frost is another favorite of fall mornings. As the temperatures drastically drop overnight, morning frost leads to icy spots on the roads. Be cautious on bridges, overpasses and shaded areas of the road.

And we can’t forget the blinding glare of the sun. We all love to see the sun shine, but when we have difficulty seeing oncoming traffic, traffic signal lights, or pedestrians because we are momentarily blinded by the sun, we are in danger of an accident. Whether we are driving into the sun or the sun is behind us bouncing off our mirrors, we need time for our eyes to adjust. Slow down.

Deer also pose increased danger during the fall months. Fall is mating and migrating season for deer. Be especially cautious and on alert for darting deer while driving.

Dangers Lurking in the Beauty of Fall in Chicago

Fall brings beauty, but also increased driving hazards. Review the following safety tips to enjoy fall’s beauty and stay safe:

  • Watch for leaves
  • Clear your car of any fallen leaves
  • Use low beams in fog
  • Allow safe driving distance in fog
  • Clear frost from vehicle windows
  • Watch for icy spots on bridges, overpasses and shaded areas
  • Wear sunglasses to help with sun glare
  • Rainfall increases in the fall, review our Heavy Rain and Hydroplaning – Safety Guidelines here: https://www.counseloroffices.net/997/
  • Slow down

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