A recent article notes a critical shortage in nurses and nurse’s aides in nursing homes. For the full article click here. The article notes that at a time when the population is aging and more people are entering nursing homes, care is short. According to the article, an American Health Care Association survey released just last month noted alarming statistics:

26 percent, or more than a quarter, of registered nurse positions in nursing homes were vacant on June 30, 2007. The survey found that 13.7 percent of certified nurses’ aides slots — about one in seven — also were empty on that day. The national vacancy rate for nurses was 16.3 percent and for nurses’ aides, 9.5 percent.

Your loved ones deserve proper care. Ask questions of the nursing home about the ratio of nurses to residents and nurse’s aides. Ask about turnover. Ask about the shifts of the nurses and who is on duty and when. Residents are afforded many rights under the law–proper care is one of them.

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