Effective this year, the minimum coverage is now $25,000 per person / per accident for liability auto insurance. This provides both “sides” a bit more security but it still may not be enough in many situations.



According to the Illinois Secretary of State, this protection is one of the most significant consumer protection measures “on the books.” Some of this mandatory law can be found summarized there:

Complying with the Law

You are in compliance with the mandatory insurance law if you have vehicle liability insurance in the following minimum amounts:

  • $25,000 – injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $50,000 – injury or death of more than one person in an accident
  • $20,000 – damage to property of another person

You must always carry your insurance card in your vehicle and show it upon request by any law enforcement officer. Your insurance company will send you an insurance card, usually when your insurance policy is issued or renewed.

Your signature on the Vehicle Renewal Registration Application affirms that your vehicle will be properly insured throughout the registration period.

Unfortunately, this may still not cover a situation of serious injuries and you should carry much more “under-insured motorist coverage” and be sure it applies to protect you in such unfortunate circumstances. Talk to your insurance agent – or an attorney to learn more.

You can contact me here 24/7/365 (and I really mean that as I will answer my phone) if you have any questions about what claims/rights you may have after an accident and to learn how I may be able to help you or your loved one who may need, or simply want, a second opinion perhaps – in particular, you will find that I listen, take your phone calls and e-mails (and even text messages–BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!!).

I am a Chicago Car Accidents and Insurance Attorney who fights for your rights against the insurance companies.

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