We have probably all experienced some sort of pain – physically, emotionally and what can easily be called “pain” from a business or personal perspective when money is lost in a business deal. We can call this “business pain” or “business damages”.

Obviously, real, physical and emotional (or mental) pain cannot literally be “equated” with the business pain. One truly hurts the body and/or mind. The other hurts mainly the pocketbook; however, business pain can also wreck a family, a home and/or a business and be coupled with true emotional pain that may actually give rise to mental anguish (and real mental injury perhaps). In any event, neither type of pain can ever be taken lightly.

A real lawyer must demonstrate empathy with either type of pain. A real trial lawyer must be infused with your projected feelings of either type of pain. It is the trial lawyer who must convey that pain to not only a jury at the “end” of a case — but from day one — to the opposing attorney, to the other “side” (the “bad guys” on the other side), to the insurance company, to the Judge. Sometimes, we trial attorneys go beyond and must convey the pain all the way to the appellate courts and Supreme Court if necessary. The pain must be conveyed not once, not twice, not at trial time only — but from the moment of initial advocacy, from the moment of comprehension, daily and incessantly without hesitation. That is what separates the “men from the boys” so to say in terms of what a real trial lawyer is.

I have personally experienced multiple types of physical pain that I would not wish on my worst enemies. I can empathize with my clients who have experienced pain from personal injury. I understand that it can linger. Pain can destroy the ability to function in your job while it tears at your thoughts when pain medicine “wears off”. Pain can destroy your relationships at home. Pain can destroy your inner sense of self. Sometimes, pain doesn’t seem to ever go away. Hopefully, it does–and for good. But if not, what next?

Business pain can “seem” just as bad. Business pain wrecks businesses first, but then migrates into wrecking homes, families and friendships. Sometimes, it wrecks the very person or people you called your brother, your sister, your mother, your father. I have seen it first hand. I have experienced it first hand. I know and understand. It is never “pretty” and actually quite a shame. Hopefully, business pain, too, can “go away” and “for good” just as physical pain often does. But if not, what next?

What’s next for either type of pain if it doesn’t go away? Fix it. See your doctors religiously for physical pain. Go and visit your business partner — or your brother, your sister, your mother, or your father — over coffee and remind him or her (or them) how short life is and try to resolve your differences. Fix your pain as best you can without a legal battle that may be unnecessary in either case.

For personal injury pain, sometimes, money can “repay” the “cost” of the pain (medical bills and related issues). Lawyers often seek the “right” amount of money to at least bring some type of peace and closure to a matter. Sometimes, no amount of money can “turn back the clock” on a permanent problem or, worse, a death. Sometimes, the money awarded or won “sends a message” for safer driving in the future, better products, better professionalism, better structures.

For business pain, again, sometimes money can “repay” the “cost” of the pain (lost profits, lost commissions, lost revenue, lost business). Again, lawyers often seek the “right” amount of money to at least make the original “loser” whole again (or darn close). Sometimes, too, no amount of money can replace a lost business, career, family devastation and personal assets lost. Sometimes, the money awarded or won “sends a message” to others not to defraud, not to breach deals, not to cause damages and to be fair.

In any event, when you next need a real lawyer — a real trial lawyer — I’ll be here to be infused with a true empathetic understanding of your type of pain and to comprehend it so that I can advocate for you to help you try to “fix it” so you can move on in life and never look back. I am hear to listen to you. I am always honored to help.

It is my mission in life to help people with either type of pain through the legal system — and to try to find the right amount of “repayment”. If you need a real trial lawyer for defense matters, “repayment” may sometimes equate to $0 (or darn close with everything being relative to the overall situation). No matter what, there are most often solutions that can be “lived with”.

You can contact me here 24/7/365 (and I really mean that as I will answer my phone) if you have any questions and to learn how I may be able to help you or your loved one who has been a victim of a crash or negligence or “business pain” (plaintiff or defense) – in particular, you will find that I listen, take your phone calls and e-mails (and even text messages–BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!!). I would be honored to help you with your matters – large or small.

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