As if the nursing home industry needed any more negative publicity, a story recently broke regarding a former employee of an Edwardsville nursing home.

While on its face, the article appears to detail a lawsuit filed by a former nursing home employee that alleges she was fired after filing a workers’ compensation claim, there is also tucked away at the bottom of the article the following allegation:

The suit also claims that on Oct. 15, 2007, [the Plaintiff] reported potential neglect of residents at Maryville Manor to the Illinois Department of Public Health. It also claims that before she reported the alleged neglect she reported the situation to her supervisors.”

Stated otherwise, the suit alleges that when she spoke out about reported resident neglect, the nursing home fired her.

With nursing home employees across the state previously hitting the picket lines in protest of under-staffing and resident care, this sort of publicity is just about the last thing that the nursing home industry needs.

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