The headlines in newspapers and websites across the country are often filled with troubling and heartbreaking stories of what can happen when under-staffed and under-funded nursing homes let resident safety and dignity fall by the wayside.

In a shutter-inducing story out of Florida, the federal government is mulling a lawsuit against a Florida nursing home where children with special needs — even infants — are being “unnecessarily” sent to adult nursing homes, many of which without an illustrated plan to be released.

As the article explains, a sternly-worded letter from the US Attorney General’s Office threatens legal action similar to that of a class action suit filed in South Florida earlier this year, which harrowingly details:

“The lawsuit asserts that children languish in the adult facilities, sharing common areas with elderly patients and having few interactions with others, rarely leaving the nursing homes or going outside. After visiting children in six nursing homes, investigators noted the children are not exposed to social, educational and recreational activities that are critical to child development.”

Perhaps most troublingly, the article mentions that the Attorney General’s office has recently handled similar situations in Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and Delaware. Nursing homes with thin resources and overworked staffs can be a nightmare within the context of elderly residents.

The thought of small children with special needs being thrown into this neglected mix is a terrifying thought indeed.

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