As most are aware, Carnival Cruise ship the Triumph recently endured an incident at sea. Passengers allegedly endured horrendous and deplorable conditions on what was allegedly to be a vacation of a lifetime for some.

When purchasing an automobile, purchasers routinely check out the safety features to make a decision before purchasing. How many people actually check the safety records of a cruise ship? Not many! According to research available here it’s almost impossible to locate.

Cruise ships are apparently not regulated under U.S. Federal safety regulations compared to airlines for example and nearly all cruise ships are registered under foreign “flags” doing business in the United States.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, a yearly inspection is performed of every cruise ship that docks in the United States for the operation of the vessel to the backup generators and life boats. The Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) also maintains a database of disease outbreaks and other health safety information.

If being towed for five days was just unacceptable, or if you suffered any other issues in relation to this cruise, contact us to discuss any potential legal remedies.

You can contact us here 24/7/365 (and we really mean that as we will answer our phone) if you have anyquestions and to learn how we may be able to help you — in particular, you will find that we listen, take your phone calls and e-mails (and even text messages!). We would be honored to help you with your matters – large or small.

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