New traffic safety laws went into effect last year that had lawmakers turning their focus to those proposals. Many of those proposed regulations were discussed at a meeting of the Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety, which outlined the general direction that the legislature sought to take.

While we previously reported on several of these, such as the proposed ban on all handheld devices while driving, one in particular stood out from the rest.

The Committee announced their intention to pass a law that would require anyone, either operating or riding on a motorcycle, to wear a helmet.

Remarkably, Illinois currently sits as one of only three states in the entire country that doesn’t require helmets on motorcycle riders. One of the most common problems in dealing heavily with auto accident law is both the amount of preventable accidents and the amount of preventable injuries that could have been remedied with even a slight abundance of caution.

Helmet safety laws tend to have a positive effect on injury rates following accidents and as such, are paramount to increasing the safety of all on the road.

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