As an article from the Chicago Tribune illustrated, many prominent auto makers have been in the process of issuing safety recalls in regards to side airbag components that don’t deploy as they should following a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking into the matter even further, after asking component maker Autoliv Inc. to provide a list of auto manufacturers that it sold specific parts to — a list, as it turns out, that included many of the world’s largest manufacturers, and has prompted some of those companies to issue recall notices.

Apart from the readily apparent safety benefits to properly deploying airbags, looking to whether airbags deployed during an accident often becomes a point of much contention during lawsuits arising from auto accidents.

Often times, defense attorneys use the fact that an airbag did not deploy as evidence relevant to the force of a collision — stated otherwise, if the airbag didn’t deploy, they will argue that the collision was too light to have caused serious injury (no matter how blatantly untrue this may be).

This being the case, many attorneys that advocate for injury victims almost always watch developments such as these very closely for the multiple ways in which these studies highlight the many issues affecting the safety of drivers on the roads.

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