As we recently discussed, studies on the rates of repeat offenders in drunk driving incidents are leading many states to consider mandating interlock devices that, in theory, prevent drunk drivers from being able to operate their vehicles.

Behind these reports, however, is the unfortunate admission that those inclined to make destructive decisions will do so one way or another.

Underscoring this point, studies tend to show that approximately 2/3 of those with interlock devices on their cars still attempt to drive drunk anyhow — even if they fail to start their car. This is why anotherstudy by CBS Chicago is particularly interesting, as it shows some states considering the problem of drunk driving from a different vantage point. Per the report, some states are looking as far as considering 24/7 alcohol monitoring (such as ankle devices) as punishment for first time drunk driving offenses, finding that repeat offenders are finding ways to sidestep interlock devices.

While ultimately, there is no guarantee that such aggressive measures will be significantly more successful, this line of reasoning is commendable for its creative approach that, as the article notes, shifts the focus of DUI laws from the car itself to the behavior of the person using it.

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