As local news outlets are reporting a Cook County jury recently awarded $850,000 in damages to a man that was run over by a garbage truck on the City’s northwest side.

The article reports that the man suffered six broken bones and required a skin graft in conjunction with what the article describes as “a crushed foot” after he was hit by a City garbage truck turning right as he crossed the intersection at Lawrence and Pulaski in the northwest Albany Park neighborhood.

Cases such as this, while they may sound straightforward, are often very hotly contested affairs that are difficult to resolve.

Oftentimes, the City (or any defendant, for that matter) will argue — often with much success — that even though a pedestrian, struck by a vehicle, was clearly visible, the defendant should not be liable where the plaintiff was a mere matter of inches outside a crosswalk.

These cases often turn into “he said, she said” affairs where a defendant will fight and claw trying to use every technicality under the sun to get themselves out of a lawsuit. Far too often, unfortunately, victims of clear negligence are sent home empty handed on account of such technicalities, so it is very refreshing to see a Cook County jury give a significant award in the face of such troubling circumstances.

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