A recent article notes that a top state prosecutor is supporting the placement of cameras in nursing homes residents’ rooms to protect them. Read the full article here. While residents would obviously have the right to object for privacy matters, the idea seems like one that would add another level of security to our most vulnerable segment in society. The article also notes from Wes Bledsoe, founder of “A Perfect Cause” whose mission is “TO END NEEDLESS SUFFERING AND PREVENTABLE DEATHS, WHILE PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS FROM CORPORATE GREED AND NEGLIGENCE” (visit www.aperfectcause.org), the following profound statement:

The system is broken beyond all belie[f]. Your loved ones are suffering as a result …

Bledsoe’s grandmother died on her 86th birthday in 2000 as a result of the negligent care she received at an Oklahoma City nursing home and hence his founding of A Perfect Cause. The fight must continue against such negligence. If you feel your loved one has needlessly suffered as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect,contact us immediately to review the situation. We usually work on a contingent basis if we believe you have a claim–that is, if there is no recovery, there is no attorney fee due.

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