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The FDA is set to add severe restrictions to the prescribed use of Avandia for treating Type 2 diabetes patients in the United States. The drug will no longer be widely available in Europe or the United States after research has shown its increased link to heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Avandia is a diabetes control medicine that is made by GlaxoSmithKline. It is made in several formulations, either as a standalone medicine or combined with other drugs such as metformin. Avandia works by targeting fat cells and making them more responsive to insulin, which in turn should either allow the body to function normally or at least require smaller doses when performing insulin injections.

However, there has been a steadily and rapidly increasing amount of concern about Avandia and its potential side effects. Since approximately 2007, the FDA has been investigating the matter and has issued periodic findings and decisions for consumers. It previously was reported that GSK hid data that linked Avandia to heart complications when the company conducted a study that compared Avandia to the competing drug Actos which is made by Takeda.

In 2009, the FDA issued a safety alert pertaining to Avandia. The alert was careful to stress that the data gathered up until that time had not been conclusive or decisive in illustrating the safety risks of Avandia. However, the studies that had been viewed suggested at least a partial link between taking Avandia and developing serious cardiac complications. Patients taking Avandia who either had a history of heart complications or who had begun exhibiting new symptoms were encouraged to speak to their physicians as soon as possible if they had any concerns.

One study estimated that from 1999 to 2009, more than 47,000 people who were taking Avandia suffered a heart attack, stroke, heart failure or actually died. All of these problems would not have happened if the patient wasn’t taking Avandia.

As of 2010, the FDA’s investigations into Avandia are still ongoing and for now, at least, the decision has been made to prevent new patients from taking the drug. However, patients that are already taking Avandia will not be required to stop. In particular, the FDA still is reviewing the data from the largest investigation into Avandia, called RECORD. There have been smaller observational studies that have looked at side effect rates among those that were prescribed Avandia.

So far, the FDA has limited its restrictions to asking GSK to include a boxed warning (as of 2007) that explains the potential heart complications that may arise from taking Avandia, but it has not asked GSK to take any action such as pulling Avandia from the shelves of stores despite numerous lawsuits and settlements that currently are being attributed to the drug.

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